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This is a blog about my adventure to the sugoi Japan and life at Tsuda College. このストーリーは気まずいイカの生活についています!ヾ(^∇^)
Jun 21 '12

So I haven’t been up to much lately, just a lot of daily stuff and nothing crazy out there. Last week I went to an izakaya and then Sunday I went to visit my teacher who ended up taking me to an apartment party thing. I’m sooo behind on my school work, ugh. I can’t believe I only have a month left ;A;

Well anyways, since it’s been a while since my last update I thought I would share my latest disaster. So I thought “oh I’ll try to make okonomiyaki! I need to learn for my roommates!”. Yeah… Sorry Nee-san and whoever else, I am not making it ever again.

Here is what it’s suppose to look like:

What I made?

Don’t ask me what happened, I don’t even know what voodoo magic I performed to make such a thing. I’m sure if I bought the sauce, this would have tasted a lot better than it did.

Hey future roommates, i hope you are excited to have me cook for you! :))

Jun 6 '12

This past Sunday I went to Akihabara with the two Australian exchange students and their friend, M-chan. I did not get any sleep though this past weekend because I had a bad cold so when Sunday came around I was just not in a good mood and I was still feeling sick. Regardless though, it was a good time and I’m glad I went ^^ We went to a maid cafe and for some reason everyone was so terrified about going. I don’t see what is so scary about going to a maid cafe? I guess it might  be weird and it is different but honestly I’ve heard of weirder things. Well anyways it wasn’t that bad, the worst thing to happen was they had us go “moe moe kyuu!!!” to our food because we had to make is delicious! ( ゚▽゚) There were maids all over Akihabara, handing out flyers for the different cafes and I was a bit surprised to see that they have a place where maids give you messages. Akihabara is defiantly the anime place! I have never seen so many anime and video game stores before. It’s also the electric city for sure, I bet it looks awesome at night ;A;

I was talking with the New York exchange student yesterday and she seems to have the same feelings I do about Japan right now. We both feel that something is missing, like there is something we really want to do but we don’t even know what. We feel like we are wasting time because we are trying to find that “thing” to make Japan click with us. I love Japan and I am seriously considering this as a future place because I can’t honestly picture myself anywhere else, at least not in America. But the thing is is that I came here with such a mindset and now it’s gone and I don’t know why I’m here. I haven’t met any Japanese friends to practice Japanese, I haven’t gone on grand adventures really that are worth talking about (hence why I never update this thing), and to make it worse I don’t even know where i want to go or what I want to do. I don’t know how to explain this feeling and i feel like if I chose a different school or location or something it would be different but I’m here at Tsuda and i need to make the best of it.

I only have two months left, I seriously can’t believe how fast time has flied and I don’t know if I’m ready to start life again. I feel like my life is on hold right now and while I so desperately want to see those I care about again I don’t want to go back to my daily American life. I can just feel me having a hard time adjusting when I get back. And right now I feel like I haven’t changed but I know I have and I’m just not sure if it’s for the better or worse yet.


They had the whole road blocked off, it really surprised me but it made the sidewalks less crowded which is really nice!

The inside of an elevator gaah how cool ;A;


The maid cafe we went to :D

I’m sorry for this horrible picture, pictures were not allowed so this was a quick snapshot and the only one I have of the place.

An omelet my friend ordered!

May 27 '12

Not really any Japan adventures, but just an update on life in general. So have a random picture :D Also totally pointless update but I guess I thought I’d make one still.. ;A;

So important stuff, I broke up with my girlfriend. It has nothing to do with Japan but it’s part of my time here now. We had been dating for almost six years and last Wednesday I ended it. I just don’t feel like I’m the right kind of person for her right now. I have a lot of self problems I need to work out with myself and I just don’t think I can give her the attention and love she needs and deserves anymore. I feel really bad for making her so upset, she doesn’t want a single thing to do with me which is understandable of course but it still sucks because she’s a very dear person to me.

Not so important but I’m just so homesick right now (>_<) Yesterday I bawled my eyes out so many times and just locked myself away. I was so so sad and lonely. I tried to go out and I even bought myself something (something I hate doing ^^;) and it didn’t help. Instead I watched things that just made the feeling worse (due to nostalgia and all) and just look through old pictures and stuff :(

To make myself better though, an attempt anyways, I decided to go to Nakano today. I planned on going alone but I figured that wouldn’t be any fun and wouldn’t really help me any so I invited one of the Australian exchange students to come with. Gah it was so much fun ;__; We found this store where you can buy anime stuff and we kind of nerded out there. It was really nice, it defiantly got my mind off of things and it was actually fun.

Nerding out time… I found Pokemon Green (super old GB game) for only two bucks so of course I bought it despite the fact I can’t play it right now. It’s like a life goal to have all those colored Pokemon games ;A; It’s dumb but it’s something I grew up with and just I love it too much :( New game coming out too, so freaking excited (>3<) Can’t wait to buy the Japanese one here and play it <33

Also totally pointless but I GOT A FRIDGE. This is a huge deal for me because now I can buy and cook food without worrying about it spoiling ;A; I can eat yogurt and meat and omg I’m just too happy for this.

May 20 '12

So last week I went to Kamakura! I went with my friend Sachi and her co-workers. We went around to eight different temples/shrines and collected these awesome stamps/signatures. It was really cool (^^) Kamakura is super far from my school though and I have a curfew so I had to run back just to make it on time. It was a lot of fun though, I’m glad I went!

Friday I went out drinking with a few of the exchange students. We drank a little in the dorms then just went to Kokubunji and had drinks at this bar like restaurant. It was a lot of fun! I hope we do this kind of thing more often. It’s a good social thing I think (not saying I’m an alcoholic or anything ;A;). I felt more at ease with the exchange students. Usually i’m really quiet and feel awkward but drinking with a few of them was really nice. Ugh I wish I wasn’t so shy :(

Lately my roommate has been really angry it seems? She slams things down and when I try to talk to her she either walks out on the conversation or just gives me one answer responses. I dunno if I did anything or if something personal is going on but right now it kind of sucks to live with her. It’s been going on for the past two weeks and I would bring it up with her but I don’t want to seem rude in doing so and I’m afraid, with the language barrier, something will be taken the wrong way. I really wished I could of gotten a single room :( Oh well, only two months left. I just wish I knew what was bugging her.

I’ll be extending my stay here a bit. My really good friend is coming to Japan for a couple weeks so we are going to stay together and hang out :D I really look forward to it <3

Well time for picture of Kamakura!

The signatures/stamps :D There is an actual word but I can’t remember it.

The group of people i went with :D

THE OCEAN (>3<)/

May 8 '12

Ah long time no post! I’m sorry for those who actually read this! I’ve been busy with classes and at the same time unmotivated with things in general. I’ve done a lot though and last week was Golden week yay!!!! I got to meet with my old roommate which was really nice and I hung out with some japanese students from my class! I also went to Tokyo’s, and mine, first pride parade!!! It was so cool even though it was really small. Traffic did not stop for it so that kind of sucked but I’m sure in the future it will be bigger and all! So here are some pictures from the parade (this entry will have pictures only from the parade, I didn’t take so many pictures when I was out)

Pokemon! Wtf!

The start of the parade!!!

OH GOD THIS GUY. Okay so before this part of the parade came through (the parade was stopped for traffic then it continued and continued like that) there was this person handing out balls. So people start tossing and throwing the balls and this guy was catching them and said “I don’t choose the balls, they just come to me!”

His smile melts my kokoro for some reason

                                                                    “Love is all”

Apr 14 '12

I know I said that adventures wouldn’t be happening again for a while but it turns out today was going to be one. Today I went to Asakusa and Harajuku with my roommate and her friend! Asakusa is so far but it’s really pretty and Harajuku is fun but really expesnive! D: There is an amazing shrine there though that we went to! It was raining all day though and it was freezing. I really wish I would of packed for the cold but I thought it’d be warm or at least tolerable ugh (TT_TT) It was a lot of fun regardless and I’m exhausted. It didn’t cost too much to go either which was really nice! So onto a shit ton of pictures! :D And I really mean it when I say there’s a lot… Sorry if I’m spamming anyone’s dashboard!


Here’s my roommate and I standing in front of the entrance of all the shops and temple.

Here’s an example of the line of shops! God there were so many souvenirs I want to buy but they were so expensive (><) i hope i can return when I have money.

So this is how my roommate’s friend explained it. You’re suppose to wave the smoke in your direction because it’s suppose to help any wounds or make you healthier.

My roommate and I in front of the temple. It was sooo crowded, i was really surprised considering how bad it was raining and how cold it was! D:

Sorry for the bad quality… This is right next to the temple’s entrance. I was told that it’s suppose to protect the temple.

Again sorry for the horrible quality! ;A; So I did a fortune telling thing and my luck is so-so! :D On the back it told me my future. It said that my health will be fine, I should rethink about what i want in life (something like that, hard to understand ;w;), my lover will be late but they will come, my missing item will be late but will come to me, my trip will be good, and my marriage will be good. My roommate’s friend got super bad luck ;A;

So when you get bad luck you wrap it on here which is what my roommate’s friend did. I can’t really remember the reason for it though…

The view from the outside of the temple.


My friend’s roommate and I in front of the entrance to the shrine.

Along the way to the shrine there were paintings on the side. I’m assuming it was a timeline kind of thing but I didn’t read any of it so I can’t really say

Barrels of sake!

Really bad quality again… Before you can enter the shrine you have to wash your hands and mouth with this water. So cold… ;___;

The shrine!!! I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the inside though so none of those, sorry! :(

These are prayers left by people from everywhere. It cost money so I didn’t get to do it (TT_TT) You just write what you want and leave it here. Pretty much all of them were for world peace and for everyone to have happiness in their lives.

Harajuku shopping! And this is where I stopped taking pictures. It was impossible to get anything good because of all the umbrellas. It was packed and like I said, things were really expensive so I didn’t get to buy anything :( It sucks because i haven’t had the chance to buy things for people yet! (>_<)

It was a lot of fun though, I’m glad I went <3 So for real now, I’m not sure when I’ll be going out and doing things again. Maybe this week or next i’ll go visit a friend but it really depends on money. I’ll be going to a pride parade soon though so expect lots of pictures of that!

On a daily life note. Classes have officially started and I’ve turned in my visa stuff so all I have to do is wait now! Classes are okay except for this one class. It’s really difficult and I felt so upset afterwards because I wasn’t able to understand it. It wasn’t the grammar either, it was the vocab that I couldn’t understand (><) I have to take this class though, I have to do at least twelve hours and classes here are only two hours each. I’ll manage through though! I’ll probably have to talk to the teacher a lot but that’s okay. This will be good for me, right? I can only improve in my Japanese, it’s not like i can get worse at it by taking this class :D

Apr 12 '12

So yesterday I find out that my money situation is a lot worse that I had thought. I won’t go into details simply because this is a Japan only blog but let me just say that it’s ruined not only yesterday but today as well. I’m not sure what fun stuff i’ll be doing while I’m here so there might not be a lot of pictures or updates so just letting anyone know who actually reads this ;A;

Nooow. Yesterday wasn’t totally shit. Last night I saw a movie. Let me just say that I had no idea you could make a movie out of this but if you can make a drama then I guess you can make a movie too.

Ouran High School Host Club!!! If it wasn’t for me already knowing the story then I would have been so lost! D: This movie… Erm… It was interesting? XD It’s something i defiantly don’t regret seeing! Seeing a movie was on my list of things to do here so I’m happy to get that off and it was a movie worth seeing :D …Kind of?

I finally got my visa stuff turned in so now all I have to do is wait to get it in a couple weeks. Ugh it will be so nice to have it ;__; I also started classes today. I’m not really use to how they work here yet. Pretty much you only have class once a week and they separate all the classes into blocks. Turns out I can’t get my English credit like I had planned because it clashes with my Japanese classes which really sucks because that just adds onto the things i’ll have to do when I get back. Oh well, it can’t really be helped.

Erm sorry this post seems to be me complaining. I’m just stressed with silly things. I’ll hopefully update with something more fun soon!

Apr 7 '12

I went to Shinjuku and Shibuya today! (>3<)/ Two of the exchanges students invited me so I tagged along. It was so much fun aaah! Pictures galore this time!

Shinjuku! It’s the first thing you see when you leave the train station. I honestly didn’t care for Shinjuku all the much but it was still really cool ^^ So more pictures of Shinjuku

In case for some reason you were curious, this is the inside of a convenient store. There’s lots of stuff all crammed together. At this one particularly it was playing a really obnoxious song that I’m still singing in my head ugh.

Tonkatsu! This was my lunch. It was kind of pricey but the exchange students really wanted to go so we went. It was really good though ;w;

I really like how they have a display of almost all their foods at restaurants like this. I think it’s nice to know what you’re food will look like and portion wise too before ordering (I feel the same way in America.. ;A;)

They were selling different kinds of these. They were so cool but omg so freaking expensive.

SHIBUYA TIME (SUPER picture heavy)


So I think this was the name of the place? Interesting title.

I just… it’s so cute…

We went to this crepe shop and got some really good crepes! The girl of the left is from New York while the other two are from Australia!

There was graffiti EVERYWHERE. I really like graffiti though so I was happy to see it all over the place ^^;

This was the ceiling when going down the stairs of this used manga/video game store. This store was so amazing omg ;___; It was really trippy too. Like when you go down the stairs you see manicans (can’t spell it ><) and the lights are flashing different colors. It’s like you’re entering a club or something. Once you get to the bottom though there you can find old manga and shelves full of doujinshi. Lots and lots of boy love stuff.


Shibuya was the freaking best. I really loved it and I hope i can go back! There were some shops I wanted to check out for souvenirs. My first good day in Japan… I’m so happy ;___;

Apr 6 '12

So after talking to Electronic Nurse this morning and Lily and Fourthie this afternoon I’m feeling a little better. I’m still pretty stressed though but I’m sure I’ll be okay. Anywho. I went on a walk because I need to get out more. I think I’m going through culture shock a little bit and getting out is the best way to get over that.

So I walked around and founded a park literally right next to my dorm. God I’m so happy to of found this. This is perfect for me because I love forest like areas like this and I’m so happy to of found a place to walk around besides my campus! (><)

These were a couple of houses that were on the side. I really love Japanese styled houses like these. They are everywhere and it makes me wonder what the inside of them look like! There is literally no space in between homes and their yards is just a patch of grass. I would really hate that but still I love the look of them and how welcoming they look.

On to pictures of my school!

This is what I see when I walk straight out of my dorm. Cherry blossoms! They are really pretty. I love their light color and it just feels so nice to walk down a line of them.

This is a soccer field with tennis courts on the other side. Cherry blossoms surround it. It’s really nice *___* This is right behind my dorm.

Dorm! It was just built :D

As soon as you enter the campus’s gates this is what you see. This is like the MAIN building. It’s used in all their advertisements. I have no idea if I actually have classes in here but still it’s really nice

Right behind this main building. I feel like I’m in Ouran when I see it because it’s so big and fancy and richy.

So that’s it for now. Next time if I don’t go anywhere, i’ll post pictures of my dorm and the city (really should of done the park and city then campus and dorm… Oh well ;A;) I really hope to get out this weekend because I really hate being cooped up like this in the dorm. I’m really hoping i can get out with one of the exchange students but i guess we’ll see…

Apr 5 '12

I’ve almost been here for a week now and I’m still not doing much better. I know I should be giving this time since it’s only been a week but it just UGH. I’m so impatient right now. I had orientation today so I met the other exchange students. While i don’t know they problems if they have any they still are doing a lot better than me from the looks of it. They are confident and have made a lot of friends already and they all just got here like two days ago! I haven’t talked to really anyone not even my own girlfriend. I’ve been busy trying to work out this damn visa stuff and haven’t had time to schedule any times to talk to people. I’m still just really overwhelmed i guess. My roommate has work every night and I’m here alone. I want to go out and explore but I’m not comfortable enough to go and do that. I really need to though otherwise I’m just ruining the whole reason for me being here. It just really sucks because I wish there was one person here who I knew. I’ve lost my appetite so I haven’t eaten much yet i’m gaining all this weight and it’s probably because I’m locking myself up and away. I’m just scared to be alone because I don’t trust my language skills.

I’m sorry this is just me ranting. I haven’t talked to anyone so it’s just building up and I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m just sick of having that feeling that i want to cry and I hate how I’m not throwing myself out there like I had planned to as soon as I arrived here. I just don’t know what to do.